Sunday, January 17, 2010

Comments, We LOVE Comments

As some visitors to Bob Lilly Comics and Stories can attest, I frequently modify, archive, and delete posts. This gives me a way to present my pages in the correct order.   Unfortunately, this also removes your comments.  I will leave this post up on the site for a while.  Let's use this one for your comments. Please click on the comments link on THIS post to leave comments. It is located below just left of the envelope icon. When I respond to your comments it will be here.
Please visit Bob Lilly Comics and Stories oftem and tell your friends.

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  1. I received a comment from A.W. Nutter, author of Horror novels "Daddy's Game" and 'Shimmer". A.W. asked, 'Which is more difficult for you, writing or artwork?"
    Thanks for asking. I think it is very difficult to write long form stories. When it comes to single page stuff, the writing is easier. I spend quite a lot of time and effort on the artwork because I am at the "Advanced Beginner" stage at using Photoshop CS3. I enjoy learning the new tool.