Saturday, March 13, 2010

Don't Tell Grandma Sunday March 14, 2010

Ok...I'll confess. Since I have been fighting deadlines to get a new Don't Tell Grandma page posted here on Bob Lilly Comics and Stories every Sunday, I decided to speed up for a while and get things done a few weeks ahead.  This page was finished Saturday morning and I already have the page for next Sunday written and drawn.  For a few weeks I'll be drawing these things on paper and scanning them.
You can see the difference between my paper drawn comics and the ones drawn in Photoshop CS3. On paper, I seem to throw a lot of hay on the ground around the character's feet.
Thanks for visiting. Please tell your friends about these comics. See ya nex time.
BTW, Scroll down for lots more comics.  I'll finish the Dagbo story pretty soon as well.

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