Sunday, October 10, 2010

Don't Tell Grandma Sunday October 10, 2010 (48)

Welcome to 10-10-10.  What a goofy date. I became a teen ager on 6-6-66. That was also the last day of school that year. Big Deal!
I had a pretty good visit with my long time friend Dave yesterday and was flattered to talk with someone who could actually tell me about the "Snipe" and Don't Tell Grandma".
I hope some of you are reading my comics for the first time today. There are 48 Don't Tell Grandma comics on this site and about a dozen of the"Snipe".  Just scroll down to see the recent stuff and open the month by month archive tabs on the right to see the older comics.
When I learn how to do it, I'll make this easier to navigate. I like easy to navigate comics sites like Penny Arcade and PVP.

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