Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The "Snipe" (17) Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thanks for visiting. This "Snipe" comic was drawn on the smooth side of Canson recycled Bristol Board, with Dick Blick India Ink, using an Esterbrook Radio 914 pen point. I also threw in a Sharpie pen and some work with a #2 Kolinsky Sa
ble Richeson Brush. Now that you know all of the secret tools to use, you can now draw just like me.

Happy Birthday to Steve Ditko. I don't think Steve does computers and I do not think he has ever seen the "Snipe".  He has, however, seen a handfull of Don't Tell Grandma pages. I hope Steve enjoys every day of his life.

Also Happy Birthday to Becky L., Rodney G., and Monica T.

The election is finally over. After watching endless TV commercials I must conclude that for any given office, both the candidates are no darn good.

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