Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The "Snipe" (35) Wednesday, March 9, 2011

OK.  I know this sounds nuts. I'm used to it. My theory is that all responsible adults will experience an average of two really crappy days out of a seven day week.  Usually these two days will be at work. 

Today was one of mine so I made sure the "Snipe" had one just as bad.

See what I mean? Nuts!

I posted this comic on line and looked at some of the ads that Google selected for me. One ad was about "How to explain death to children".  I guess somebody else also had one of those days.

I am actually a very optimistic guy. That makes me a Jeckyl and Hyde Pollyanna.  My favorite optimistic tune is "Days Like This" by the great Van Morrison.  Download that tune, play it often. You will heal. Rats...Now the "Snipe" is feeling cross with ME.

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