Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hello, again, and welcome.

This comic was inked with a W-N Series 7 and I finally know for sure why people write that this is a great brush.

Grandad should not be surprised that he was sold out for a trip to the comic book store. isn't personal, it's business.

My "Snipe" book on tha Amazon Kindle is still a work in progress. I am loading pages and viewing them, then reloading them. It is a trial and error process figuring out how to make the pages look good on the iphone size without problems.  I am currently solving the problem of a blank page appearing between pages of comics.  I'll figure it out soon.

I am having a great time creating these comics posts. I hope they reach a large compatible audience. Having no real skill in self promotion and zero desire to pander to an audience, that goal may get left on the table unless someone comes along and does it for me.

See ya soon.

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