Saturday, June 4, 2011

Don't Tell Grandma Sunday June 5, 2011 (81)


I remember that in many of the newspaper comics that I read the story would pause for a day and Little Orphan Annie or Dick Tracy would wish the readers a Merry Christmas or whatever was appropriate.  Now that I do comics I have come to realize that people are not going to access a comic during a holiday weekend.

That inspired my current bout of laziness.


For a little while I will continue my Don't Tell Grandma experiment with a series of daily comic strip format posts.  I wish to develop this aspect of the Grandma comic.

Happy Birthday to Jimmy Lemon, Addison Tharp, Katie Lagrange and Matt Lagrange.


I really didn't expect to like the new X-Men - First Class but I generally like to see these superhero movies in the theater on a big screen.  Despite my prejudice against Marvel Comics movies, I really thought that this story hit on all cylinders.

I have developed a dislike of superheroes in costume in movies.  How the heck can someone act well and convince an audience of the emotional aspect of a scene with their face covered in a mask? OK in comic books...stupid in movies!  This is why Batman or Spider-man generally get their mask torn in the last big scene so you can see the actor's face.  The TV show Smallville showed us that the acrobat costumes are not needed either.

This X-Men movie didn't burdon itself with masks and costumes.  It does tell a well motivated story with a sequence that causes the X-Men team to form.  You don't need to be a comic book nerd to understand this one.  Story comes first and subbordinates the special effects.

I must confess that I have always felt like an outsider and can really identify with the way the mutants are treated as outsiders in this movie.

I expect to like the Captain America movie. There was never a more action popping from the page comic book than Captain America as drawn by Jack Kirby. Period!  I also like the way Cap's costume looks. I can actually imagine the army issuing the version of the uniform as seen in the previews.  Looks good. I'll wait and see.

The movie preview that ran chills down my spine was Green Lantern.  This looks to be the biggie for the summer.  Either take someone or allow yourself to be taken to this one for father's day.

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  1. I didn't expect to like 1st Class either but thought it was the best of the series thus far & did a great job of bridging gaps in the bigger story arcs; especially Magneto as Nazi Hunter. Way cool. Hope they keep same Director for next.