Thursday, September 15, 2011

Don't Tell Grandma September 15, 2011

This one is dedicated to several of you who have let me know that you notice when my comics are gone for a while. It looks like I'll be able to post these a little more often for a while.  The weird part is that this web site still enjoys pretty good traffic even when the posting is scarce.

I actually have a number of "Snipe" comics that are complete and not posted.  I like the new character"Sweetie" and the non posted comics have an earlier version of Sweetie that is off model.  Maybe I can redo those gags using the duck or the rat in her place.

Grandad is going to his high school reunion pretty soon, so please visit this site and keep an eye out for that.

Much love to my cousins, my classmates, Becky, the kids and grandkids, and to most of my co-workers.

See ya soon!

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