Monday, February 6, 2012

Bob's New Book is Coming Soon

There have been very scarce postings on this website of late. Please don't think that means that I have not been writing and drawing.  I am about two weeks away from releasing an 80 plus page book in full color on the Amazon Kindle.  Here is a look at the cover...

If you don't own a Kindle, please download the Kindle application for whatever device you prefer. PRISONER of the MOTH-MEN is designed to look good on the Apple Iphone, I-Pad, Kindle for PC, Kindle Fire.  I have even seen this on the black and white Kindle DX and it lookes great on all of these devices.  Needless to say, I am most excited about this book. 

Which of my comics would you prefer to see a new collection in ebook form?  The "Snipe" or Don't Tell Grandma?

See ya soon!


  1. I like that cover art!

  2. Thanks. This wasn't the first cover I did for the book. I saw this one in my mind's eye and the drawing was more satisfying. Heck, if I saw this cover in a book store, I would buy the book.

  3. sweet ! looks great, Bob. is there still a megabyte size limit to Kindle eBooks ? I would love to publish one also but it was limited when i looked into it.

    why not a two-way ebook ? dont tell granma on one side, snipe on the other ?

  4. I am not aware of a megabyte size limit. The files for e-books don't really need to be so large. Look on Amazon and see the file sizes for books like WATCHMEN. They charge 15 cents for a megabite in file size. That would crush your royalties, so ya gotta shrink the files. 72 DPI is a good resolution for ebooks.