Friday, February 17, 2012

Prisoner of the Moth-Men

Here I am again, shamelessly promoting my new book, PRISONER of the MOTH-MEN.  This book is the longest full color work I have ever created with over 80 pages.

The two panel per page format is designed to look good on the Amazon Kindle and I just downloaded my copy on my Kindle Fire. If it didn't look good, I wouldn't be writing this recommendation.

Don't have a Kindle?  No problem, you can download a free Kindle application for your PC or your iPhone or iPad.

I am excited to see if people like this book.

By the's cheap.


  1. Any less panels and it wouldn't be comics. Any more than two panels and you cant read it on an iPhone.


  2. Bob: Love the comics, the art work, and the site you have created. How can one individual possess so much talent. I will be heading over to purchase Moth Men, can't wait to read, I know what a perfectionist you are and realise it will be great.
    Best wishes.
    A. W.

  3. Nice to hear from my pal A.W. I would also like to read comments that are constructively critical of my work.